About me

I have experienced isolation, discrimination, exclusion and more. BUT I am not alone, there are hundreds of deaf children, young people and adults who are facing the same issues.

It is not right, more has to be done to create an inclusive society for our deaf people and to give them a sense of belonging into a society that sees ‘non- able bodied’ people as nothing, we are everything to society, we bring diversity, inclusion and difference.

What have I done so far?

I’ve passed my driving test.

I have a BSL Level 1 Qualification, and wanting to learn more

I present deaf awareness in schools, colleges, universities and workplaces. To contact me in regards to this: email: kjdeafgirl@outlook.com

I got my GCSE’s, BTEC Extended Diploma, I am currently studying Social Work at Lancaster.

I’ve been to different places in the UK (Scotland, Glasgow, Wales, London, Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham, York)

I have been on holiday to Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria, Portugal, Costa Del Sol, France (Paris), China, Lanzarote, Malaga, Ibiza, Slovakia, Bratislava, Krakow.

I went to China on a primary school trip, I saw the Great Wall and visited a school where I did Tai Chi

I have been in the YAB (Youth Advisory Board) – NDCS

I am a volunteer for Sefton West Lancashire Deaf Children’s Society

What I want to do in 10 years time

Travel (doesn’t everyone though!)

Create new policies to include deaf people into education, healthcare, politics and society

Be a role model for deaf children and young people

Be someone that parents of deaf children can see and know that their children can succeed, their deafness does not limit them

Complete my University degree

Start driving again